I believe in the power of purpose, the freedom in entrepreneurship, and the courageous ones who unleash the exponential possibilities of crazy ideas.

Gloriously crazy ideas.

My body of work has and always will be focused on building, launching, and growing seemingly crazy ideas that solve meaningful problems and empower mindful women and young people in entrepreneurship, leadership, ministry, and beyond.

execution hours
(since ’00 chump)

(w/ courageous people)

crazy ideas
(launched & grown)

lessons learned
(aka failed ideas)



My Library of Crazy Ideas

Dig into the digital-ist parts of my cranium to explore my ideas on launching, building and growing crazy ideas (aka businesses, campaigns, influence, movements, stories, etc.). These are my current pursuits, years in the making, ideas that keep me up at night and drive my daily grind.

My hope is to expand your mind beyond blueprints, so-called millionaire systems, and grandious claims to see the glorious panormaic views of strategic thinking, mindful execution, and real results in the real world.


patience is a virtue friend, coming 7.1.18